About Us

Our motto is ‘RIGHT EDUCATION TO ALL’. We feel that quality education with high Excellence is essential for success and exploring the opportunities created in globalization.

In the light of the objectives of Trust, we feel that quality education is an instrument to empowerment and promotion of social justice to the weaker section of the society in particular and all in general.

Since we believe in it, while to attend this goal we provide high quality education by providing quality infrastructure, professionally trained faculty, suitable methods of teaching inside the classroom and outside the college by undertaking extra curricular activities in various fields like culture, sports, seminar, conference, debates, elocution competition, career conference, career exhibition, placement cell, project report, research consultancy, training and industrial visit.

Our college also provides computer lab, science lab, psychology lab, language lab, library, internet facility and education counseling centre  etc. with a view to bring our students hidden talents and have the best all round intellectual, physical and moral development and for shaping of the students career for inculcated constitutional culture and morality.